Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Drunkard- Frank O'Connor (irony)

"My brave little man!" she said with her eyes shining. "It was God did it you were there. You were his guardian angel." PAGE 351

This quote provides an example of the irony used in this short story. The young boy was drunk so he should have been scolded. Originally, he was reprimanded, but then his mother began praising him. Although he was drunk, he was able to prevent his father from drinking anything. This is also ironic because the father was the one who was supposed to get drunk and the son was going to watch out for him. The opposite happened. There is also irony in their leaving the bar. The son kept asking the father to leave so he would not drink anything. They finally left when the son was drunk. I think this was ironic because the father would not let him leave when he asked. It took him risking his own safety to get his father to leave without drinking.

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